Partnership Opportunities with RFPG

Your business is your everything — that’s why you want to see it grow and thrive. We offer business owners a partnership that helps stimulate growth into the next revenue bracket and sets up your business for continued success. Our partnerships are so much more than an acquisition. As our partner, you’ll join the RFPG family, and we’ll work together to prepare your business for the next successful chapter.

Consider our partnership the opportunity you need to prepare your business for the future — whether that means scaling your fire protection business or getting your affairs in order to build a sustainable future when you’re ready for a more hands-off approach. Regardless, all conversions are confidential and you’ll be financially compensated to help you with your next venture.

Benefits of Partnering with RFPG

It’s a lot easier to run a fire protection business when you have a partner that knows the industry as well as you do. RFPG can take over the mundane tasks you dislike — leaving you to the ones you enjoy or the ones you never had time for before. And, by partnering with RFPG, you add value to your organization and venture into new opportunities and capital. You’ll also:

  •   Gain immediate financial security
  •   Contribute to the next chapter of your business
  •   Continue your role until you’re ready to move on
  •   Work hand-in-hand with our experts
  •   Help identify growth opportunities
  •   Boost your business equity

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