Custom Special Hazards Applications

Custom Special Hazard Applications

Custom Solutions with You in Mind

Our Special Hazards Department designs and installs fire suppression and detection solutions using non-water based systems, to protect mission-critical equipment and data. Our capabilities include clean agent systems, CO2 suppression, dry chemical suppression, foam water suppression, and other advanced technologies to meet custom requirements.

Our special hazards solutions are designed to handle harsh environments and unique threats, so you are protected in a worst-case scenario.

Benefits of RFPG’s Custom Special Hazard Applications

Our experts develop customized applications to accommodate a wide range of special hazards applications. We will:

  • Identify your unique requirements and craft a solution for your specific needs
  • Leverage our expertise with a wide range of special hazards to deliver quality solutions efficiently and on time
  • Deliver end-to-end services, from design to project management and installation to 24/7/365 testing and service, ensuring optimal working condition

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