Fire Protection Design & Engineering

Fire Protection Design & Engineering

Implementing your fire protection solution goes beyond reviewing blueprints and installing components. RFPG assesses your unique requirements and designs a fire suppression system to ensure maximum protection for your people and assets.

Designed with You in Mind

Our licensed Fire Protection Engineers work with general contractors, architects, developers, and owners to design fire protection solutions that fit your needs. Our engineers deliver a distinct advantage in design builds, CMAR projects, and other alternative methods.

We work with some of the largest design-build contractors in the nation on their most complex projects, and our design team’s involvement throughout has consistently created efficiency that saves time and money. Our expertise translates directly into savings for your project.

Benefits of RFPG’s Design & Engineering

Our design and engineering processes have one goal: to create a fire protection solution that will keep your building safe in a worst-case scenario. With that in mind, our team tailors each element of system design to ensure effectiveness. We will:

  • Listen and assess your needs to develop a custom solution
  • Leverage the latest advanced technology to optimize protection
  • Streamline the design and engineering process to save time and money
  • Use best practices to ensure your system meets applicable code and regulations

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