Fire Sprinkler Installation, Retrofit, & Upgrade

Fire Sprinkler Installation, Retrofit, & Upgrade

Once your solution is designed, our expert craftsmen get to work installing and commissioning the systems and components to precise specifications. Whether installing a system for the first time or retrofitting/upgrading a legacy system, we take great care to ensure that your building will be protected when it matters most.

Installed with You in Mind

RFPG takes fire safety seriously and ensures your system is ready for action. We install systems to the highest standard of excellence using the latest technology, and with years of experience on our side, we will get it right the first time — saving you valuable time and resources.

Benefits of RFPG’s Installation, Retrofit, & Upgrades

Our long-term, proven track record of implementing complex fire protection solutions is driven first and foremost by our seasoned team in the field. Our goal is to exceed your expectations throughout the process and manage your solution so that you don’t have to give it a second thought. We will:

  • Incorporate the latest advanced technology to optimize your system
  • Deploy your solution efficiently and correctly the first time, saving time and money
  • Retrofit or upgrade your system as neeeded to meet evolving requirements
  • Leverage best practices to ensure consistent, quality craftmanship throughout the implementation process

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